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The City of Mill Creek is a Council-Manager form of government. This means that all legislative policy-making powers are vested in the City Council. The council appoints a City Manager to carry out the legislative policies the Council develops. The City Manager is the head of the executive branch of city government.

Bob Stowe, Interim City Manager
Bob Stowe was appointed Interim City Manager, effective June 25, 2018.

Bob was the City Manager for the City of Bothell, Washington from January 2005 to mid 2016. Before arriving in Bothell, Bob was the City Manager for the City of Mill Creek for nine years and held other top administrator positions for two other Washington cities for an additional 10 years. Bob’s specialty is his success in leading large-scale downtown revitalization projects.

His first downtown project began with the revitalization of Downtown Dayton, Washington in the late '80s, leading to the more recent creation of a new downtown with the City of Mill Creek Town Center in early 2000, to the transformation that has occurred in downtown Bothell.

Bob was the architect and leader of Washington State’s largest publically-led downtown revitalization in Bothell, whereby over 25 acres was assembled under City ownership for municipal amenities and sold for private mixed-use development in the heart of downtown. Under Bob's leadership, City projects stimulated a planned private investment of over $300 million of the city-anticipated 25-year goal of $650 million in just a few years, and during the worst recession in recent history, with leverage from public/private collaboration.

Bob is a past president of the Washington City/County Management Association (2002-2003) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Washington University and an MBA from Seattle University.
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Bob Stowe
Interim City Manager

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