Planning and Development

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The Planning division consists of both long-range and operational planning. Long-range planning includes the preparation of the City's Comprehensive Plan and development regulations as well as planning efforts with surrounding jurisdictions. Operational planning deals with the administration of public and private land use proposals.

Mill Creek Municipal Code Amendments Under Review

The City of Mill Creek is proposing amendments to the Mill Creek Municipal Code to address Wireless Communication Facilities and to comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.  The amendments remove Wireless Communication Facilities regulations from MCMC Chapter 17.28 (Conditional Use) and establish a new Chapter 17.29 regulating both Macro and Small Cell Wireless facilities.  The proposed Chapter 17.29 establishes the application process, review criteria, timeframes for review, and design and concealment standards, as well as an appeals process.
DNS and SEPA Checklist
Proposed Amendments
Public Hearing Notice