Police Department- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Police Department:

  1. I have a non-emergency situation and need to speak with an officer. Who do I call? The non-emergency phone number is 425-407-3999.

  2. I am need a welfare check on a family member or friend who is not responding to my phone calls or text messages?  Please call the non-emergency number 425-407-3999 and dispatch will send an officer.

  3. Are you open for fingerprinting services during the shutdown?  Not at this time Fingerprint services will resume when the city opens for normal business.

  4. Are there any other police agencies open for fingerprinting I could go to?  Not to our knowledge but you can check each police agencies websites for updated information.  There are also private agencies that you can search for on the internet for hours of operation and closure information.

  5. Can I make an appointment for a CPL?  Not at this time. When the city reopens for normal business then people can schedule an appointment to get fingerprinted and processed. The person applying must live in the city limits of Mill Creek in order to apply at Mill Creek Police Department. If they don’t live in city limits then they can go to Snohomish County Sheriff’s office to apply.

  6. Can I renew my CPL? Not at this time. When the city reopens for normal business, you will be able to renew Monday-Friday in office 8am-4:45pm (must live in the city limits of Mill Creek). You can also contact the SCSO website to renew online.

  7. I have a dead rodent in front of my home will you come and clean it up?  Please contact our animal control services by using our non-emergency phone line. (YES we get this call a lot)

  8. How do I get a copy of my police report? You can request a police report from the city website. Input as much information you have to assist in locating your information.  You do not have to obtain a case report number to complete your request.

  9. I need to apply for a public defender?  Please email PDRecords@cityofmillcreek.com and we can send you the application form. You can then email it, mail it, or drop it off in our outdoor drop box.  If you do not have email access please call the police phone line and leave a voice mail with your phone number, we will call you and get your mailing address and mail you an application.

  10. Can I get a pet license? Yes- you can download the application form on our website. Please mail a copy of the pets’ current rabies vaccination and a check or money order (made out to the city of Mill Creek) for $5.00 per license to our office.  We will mail you your license. You can also drop the application and check in our outdoor drop box if you do not have a stamp.

  11. My pet is lost, can you help me? Please leave a message on the animal control officer’s (Larissa Piggot) phone and she will be alerted if the animal is located.

  12. Can I pay a TRAFFIC ticket or request a hearing for my traffic ticket? Only by mail or dropping off at city hall. There is a payment drop box at the entrance of City Hall. Traffic tickets cannot be paid over the phone. Only PARKING tickets can be paid by phone.  We only accept cash, check or money orders for TRAFFIC tickets.  You can use the drop box outside City Hall if not using mail. Checks are payable to Mill Creek Traffic Violations Bureau

  13. How do I pay for my parking ticket? Have them leave a name and number on the police voicemail and we will call back to collect the payment. Records does accept payment over the phone for parking tickets. Parking tickets fee is reduced by 50% when paid by the next business day. Records will honor a voicemail wanting to pay a reduced payment on a parking ticket if the message is left during business hours. We accept payment over the phone for parking tickets only using a credit card. Payment can also dropped off in the mail and at the drop box at the city hall with cash, check, or money order (made out to Mill Creek Traffic Violations Bureau).

  14. I need to get a restraining order, can you help me?  All types of orders are obtained through the courts.  Please contact your local court, South District Court or the Superior Court house in Everett.  YES the courts are currently open and operating to assist if you need a DV (domestic violence) or no contact order for protection during this time.

  15.  How do I get property back that was taken? Contact Joanna Lee (Property and Evidence Technician).