Melting Snow and Potential Flooding

City Prepares for Melting Snow and Potential Flooding
Posted on 01/16/2020

With temperatures rising up to 43° F / 6° C today the water from the melting snow is making its way to the storm drains. Our hard working Public Works crews have now shifted their focus to clearing the primary and secondary storm drains to prevent possible flooding and road hazards.

We need residents to help by taking the time to 1) locate the storm drains outside of your homes and/or businesses and 2)  clear storm drains of compact snow, ice, and debris so that storm water may flow unobstructed into the storm sewers.

The City of Mill Creek will begin running street sweepers to collect sand and fallen debris from the storm.

We ask that residents keep vehicles parked off of the street as much as possible to allow the City to clear debris. 

Additional information will be provided as it is available.