Black Ice Warning - Please Proceed with Caution!

City of Mill Creek Warns Residents to Pay Attention to Black Ice Overnight. Temperatures to Remain at 28 °F / - 2 °C for the Next 12 Hours.
Posted on 01/13/2020

The City of Mill Creek continues to closely monitor the inclement weather moving into the week. Freezing temperatures and more snow is expected over the next 24-48 hours. “Black ice” will present a significant risk for Mill Creek residents throughout the evening into the morning. 

Black ice is a thin layer of ice that develops on the surface of a melted roadway as temperatures begin to freeze at 32°f / -2°c.   This clear ice magnifies the color of the black asphalt pavement below hence the phrase “black ice”. When your tires come in contact with black ice, the vehicle you are operating is at risk of losing control and serious accidents and injuries can occur. 

To combat the imminent risk that black ice poses, the City of Mill Creek’s Public Works crew will continue to add sand and de-icing materials to improve traction and safety.  The Public Works team will focus on priority routes and then transition to secondary with special attention given to the hill on Mill Creek Road.

The City of Mill Creek urges residents to practice extreme caution when driving tonight as temperatures continue to remain at 28 °F / -2 °C into the morning.