Mill Creek Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem; Jan. 7

Mill Creek City Council Votes in Mayor Pruitt and Mayor Pro-tem Holtzclaw for Another Two Year Term
Posted on 01/12/2020

The City of Mill Creek City Council elects Pam Pruitt as Mayor for the next two years, making this her fifth term as mayor. Mayor Pruitt took her honorary Oath of Office at the City’s first regular council meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 with a vote of 4 – 2.

Councilmember Brian Holtzclaw continues to lead alongside Pruitt as mayor pro tem for his third term, winning this position with unanimous vote to serve another two-year term.

The City of Mill Creek has a council-manager form of government. The city council is responsible for policy decisions and the strategic vision. The city manager is responsible for the executive and administrative day to day operations.

“I personally think our form of government is the best,” said Mayor Pruitt. “We handle disagreements by a vote. We vote and then we move forward.”

Mill Creek’s mayor presides over city council meetings, is the liaison to the City Manager, and acts as the City’s honorary representative at public functions. The mayor pro tem fulfills these functions when the mayor is not available.

Three returning councilmembers; Mark Bond, Vincent Cavaleri, and Mike Todd were each administered Oaths of Office and sworn in on Tuesday for four-year terms that end in 2024.

Councilman Bond was elected to the City Council in 2004. He served as a City of Mill Creek Police Officer for over 10 years and as a deputy with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2015 Councilman Cavaleri was appointed to City Council. For more than 18 years he has worked as a deputy with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Councilman Todd was appointed to Council in 2005. He presided as mayor from 2010-2013. Prior to being on city council, Todd served on the Metropolitan Parks District task force in 1999, and served on the City’s Parks and Recreation Board for a few years before being appointed to Council.