Mill Creek is prepared for the Winter Storm

Mill Creek is prepared for the Winter Storm
Posted on 01/12/2020
SnowThe City of Mill Creek continues to monitor the inclement weather. To ensure we are prepared for the worst possible weather scenario this week, we have ordered mobilization of two (2) heavy-duty snow plowing graders which are currently on-site at City Hall South Parking lot. These graders will be deployed to clear State Route 527 and State Route 96 as required.
Among the measures the City of Mill Creek has taken to prepare for the storm include the following:
1. We have rented a small front loader for purposes of loading and mixing sand and salt.
2. We have positioned barricades and signs at the top and bottom of Mill Creek Road to be activated in the event that road closure becomes necessary.
3. We have coordinated with Snohomish County to provide for plowing on 35th Ave. and Seattle Hill Road.
4. We have stock piled additional sand and salt materials including: 30 yards of sand, 5 yards of salt, 300 pounds of granular salt for sidewalks and 4,500 gallons of liquid de-icer.
5. We have placed a Public Works Department Employee on duty for Sunday evening.
6. We are prepared with a three-yard front loader in the event snow accumulates requiring our team to clear our municipal parking lots to provide access for our staff and our community.