The City Awarded $1.3 Million in Grants

The City Awarded $1.3 Million in Grants to Support Public Development Projects
Posted on 07/08/2019

MILL CREEK, Wash. – The Mill Creek Boulevard Land Use and Infrastructure Subarea Plan, along with the recently completed 35th Avenue SE roadway project, have both been recognized to receive vital grant funding. The grants will lessen the financial burden on taxpayers and provide financial backing for development projects that significantly improve quality of living for Mill Creek residents.

The Washington State Department of Commerce is providing the Mill Creek Subarea Plan with $300,000 in funding.  The money will be used to thoughtfully design a redevelopment plan for the Mill Creek Boulevard Corridor. While redevelopment of the current business parks and community business zones is not imminent, the City is determined to engage with citizens, the business community and effected property owners to identify the best future land uses. The redevelopment plan will economically benefit the City and better integrate this corridor with the Town Center. 

“The Mill Creek Subarea Plan is meant to serve our residents 10 or 20 years down the road,” said Gina Hortillosa, director of Public Works and Development Services. “We have the unique opportunity to proactively design more efficient surface water infrastructure and possibly re-configure roadways to better serve the community.”

The 35th Avenue SE roadway project, a permanent solution to years of flooding, was completed in March 2019 and recently received approximately one million in grant funding. The project addressed chronic road settlement, seasonal flooding and a need for reduced conflict with beaver and salmon habitat.

The Hydraulic Project Approval required the removal of two existing 54-inch culverts. These culverts were removed in order to reduce the barriers to migrating salmon, part of a new initiative that requires execution by 2021. The City’s decision to include the culvert removal in the ongoing project was the fiscally and environmentally responsible choice. Had the City decided to postpone the culvert removal project until 2021, the construction costs associated would most likely be much higher and residents would be inconvenienced by the construction twice.

“35th Avenue would have had to be closed yet again, and the pavement work would have been dug up and redone if we didn’t take care of it last winter,” said Hortillosa. “We wanted to do this right the first time and only have to inconvenience our residents and pay for this road once.”

This culvert revision added approximately one million dollars to the total cost of the road project, which required the City to retroactively request funding to accommodate this decision. The one million dollar grant awarded by the 2019-2021 Transportation Budget will cover the additional cost incurred by removing the culverts.

The grant funding continues to be a huge benefit for the City and could not be possible without the support of our County and State entities that have assisted in making these improvements possible. Information about current and ongoing construction projects can be found by visiting