Statement on North Creek Trail Suspect

Statement on North Creek Trail Suspect
Posted on 05/08/2019
An image of a Mill Creek Police VehicleOn May 7, the Mill Creek Police responded to an incident that occurred along the North Creek Trail. The Police are working with all parties involved in this situation.

Unfortunately, the suspect stated he had swallowed a razor blade. Local correction facilities have standards about the level of medical care necessary if someone is being booked into jail. Due to the suspect’s medical condition, he was not booked into jail. Rather, he was transported to a hospital, where he remains and is receiving supervised medical care.

The Mill Creek Police Department supports the ability of local correction facilities to set their booking standards. If someone is unable to be booked, the Police evaluate the options for the individual on a case-by-case basis. Some may be transported to a medical facility. Others, however, may be released from custody.

The Mill Creek Police Department may only legally hold an individual for up to six hours.