Update on Mill Creek Sports Park Construction

Update on Mill Creek Sports Park Turf & Light Replacement
Posted on 03/01/2019
An image of a turfless Mill Creek Sports Park fieldThe Mill Creek Sports Park has been under construction since January 2019 when FieldTurf USA, Inc. took possession of the field as the construction contractor. Currently the contractor has removed the old field turf, removed all the outfield netting and completed removal of the chain link off the fence posts. The fence posts and rails are being repainted and gaps at the bottom of the outfield 6’ fence are being fixed by installing additional chain link on the bottom rail.

Upcoming project tasks during the next couple weeks include installing new fencing and adding kick boards to protect the chain link fence from kids kicking soccer balls against the fence. The score board netting will be updated by welding angle irons to the bottom of the score board in order to create tension and hold the netting away from the face of the board from errant balls. All outfield netting will be replaced and new netting will be added to protect the skate park and toddler play area from errant balls.

An image of turf rolled up at Mill Creek Sports ParkWhat is yet to come on the project are the in-ground mount base cutouts for Mill Creek Little League, installing new turf and painting lines on the turf for soccer and little league. New gate latches on the fences to the dugouts will be replaced and up to code in order to reduce the gap between the fence pole and the gate. Installation of the 60-inch ADA-compliant gate will be installed. The LED lights will be replaced on the field, skate park and in the parking lot. The speakers for the sound system will be updated to provide better noise control when used for announcing at games.

FieldTurf USA is doing their best to stay on the timeline and reopen the field as close to on schedule as possible despite recent weather challenges. It is still too early to tell, but the hope is to reopen the field by late April.