Snow and Ice Cleanup Priorities as of Feb. 14

Snow and Ice Cleanup Priorities as of Feb. 14
Posted on 02/14/2019
An image of Mill Creek in the snowMill Creek, along with the greater Puget Sound region, has experienced significantly unusual levels of snowfall over the last two weeks. In the latest round, some areas of our City received more than 14 inches of snow on Feb. 12. Following is an update as of mid-day on Feb. 14.

The City’s focus for snow and ice removal is the primary and secondary routes, including arterials and collector routes (those roadways that help move traffic from local streets to arterials), as well as key streets right in front of our schools. To help mitigate the aftermath of the biggest storm, the City brought in private contractors to help with snow and ice removal along our key routes.

The City owns one plow and one sander, and has a small maintenance crew that is working around the clock to address the snow/ice and other emerging issues, such as clearing storm drains to prevent flooding. Public Works staff continues to methodically address the current situation and are tackling the most difficult areas, including hills and berms at the entrances to neighborhoods.

A map of the priority neighborhood streetsA coordinated group of Public Works and emergency services has identified the neighborhoods with streets that are prioritized for plowing in the next 24 hours (even if already done). As of Feb. 14, these priority streets based on current conditions are located in the following neighborhoods:
  • 153rd Street SE
  • Aspen
  • Brighton
  • Cottonwood
  • Evergreen
  • Fairway
  • Holly
  • Heatherwood West
  • Huckleberry
  • Irish Woodlands
  • Juniper
  • Sweetwater Ranch

See the attached map for specific streets within those neighborhoods.

The City will reassess priorities on Friday, Feb. 15.

An image discussing extreme snow situations and city resourcesThe neighborhood plowing will create berms. People should expect to clear the berms in front of their own driveways. For neighborhoods wanting to secure their own plowing services, the City is sharing a list of potential vendors; this list is not an endorsement of vendors or their services by the City. A permit is not required for third-party plowing vendors.

To the best of their ability and availability, residents can help the City by:
  • Moving vehicles off the roadway to help the plows move freely;
  • Clearing storm drains as the snow melts in front of their residences / in their neighborhoods;
  • Shoveling sidewalks adjacent to homes and businesses;
  • Clearing and/or identifying fire hydrants; and
  • Helping shovel the roadways in front of their homes to help mail carriers and Waste Management more readily access our neighborhoods.
We appreciate your patience while we continue to work to clear roadways following this snow event.