Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips from Mill Creek Police Department
Posted on 11/15/2018
An image of a car thiefThe holiday season is quickly approaching. Soon shoppers will be rushing home with their treasures. Others might be heading out of town. Either way, the danger of theft and home invasion is a real concern.

Whatever your plans, the Mill Creek Police Department has some tips to keep your family and gifts safe from theft.
  • Keep your packages with you while shopping. If you must put them in your car, fill the trunk first. “Out of sight, out of mind” is helpful, but not fool proof. The time it takes to pry open a trunk or break a window is only minutes.

  • Online shoppers should try to get packages dropped off at work or a local drop box if possible. If it is not possible, ask your neighbors to take them in for you.

  • When you get those packages home, put them under the tree only if they are not in plain sight. If thieves know you have gifts inside, you become a high-priority target.

  • Secure your home. Ensure your doors and windows are locked. If you are leaving for an extended amount of time, get light timers and tell your neighbors.

  • After the festivities as you are setting out your recycling, keep in mind that you are putting out billboards of what is now in your home. Turn your boxes inside out before setting them on the street.

"The number one tip for keeping your gifts and home safe during the holidays is simple" said Officer Chris White. "Take the time to know your neighbors, because they are going to be able to call 911 quicker than your home alarm system."

If you see something out of place, say something.