RV at the Library

The City has received several inquiries about the RV that is frequently parked at the Mill Creek Library. Concerns range from the impact on parking to the it being a "stain" on the community.

Both City and Library staff are aware of the situation and are continuing to stay in contact to discuss library users’ concerns about parking.

The City of Mill Creek and Sno-Isle Libraries participate in an annexation agreement for library services. Under the agreement, the City provides and maintains the Mill Creek Library building and grounds and Sno-Isle Libraries provides library staffing and services at that location.

The parking lot next to the library is City property and is open to the public. In addition to providing convenient parking for Library customers, the lot is used by visitors to the adjacent City-owned children’s play area and Veterans Monument.

City regulations for the parking lot do not limit use other than overnight (midnight to 7 a.m.) parking is not allowed. Mill Creek Police officers patrol the lot after-hours. The Mill Creek Library is well-used and parking can be a challenge. While some vehicles may use the lot for extended hours, only overnight parking is prohibited. The user/vehicle in question abides by the parking lot use policies, departing each day and not staying overnight. The individual is not doing anything wrong and we have no reason to believe there is criminal activity transpiring; therefore, the Police Department has no right to interfere. The City also is mindful of the broader implications surrounding this topic.

Library staff are sensitive to the limited parking and try to schedule programs and events (such as the book sales) offsite or during closed hours. Solutions that offer access to all who wish to use their local library are always considered.