City of Mill Creek, Snohomish County Fire District 7 Sign New Contract

City of Mill Creek, Snohomish County Fire District 7 Sign New Contract
Posted on 02/28/2018
City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto with Snohomish Fire District 7 Chief Gary Meek and Fire Station 76 personnelThe City of Mill Creek and Snohomish County Fire District 7 have signed a new six-year agreement for fire suppression and emergency medical services. Both Fire District 7’s Board of Fire Commissioners and the City of Mill Creek’s City Council approved the contract at separate meetings on Feb. 27.

“This contract is a win-win for the City of Mill Creek and Fire District 7,” said City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto. “It provides comprehensive fire services in the City at a cost that is fair to both the City and the District. Updating and modernizing a 20-year old contract to accurately capture the operational needs and constraints of both the City and District took substantial time and effort. I appreciate the District’s commitment to this work and I especially appreciate the countless hours of meetings attended by Fire Chief Meek and Commissioner Fay on behalf of the District to achieve a successful contract.”

Fire District 7 has provided fire suppression and emergency medical services to the citizens of Mill Creek since the City’s incorporation in 1983. The agreement ensures that Fire District 7 will continue to provide comprehensive fire services within the boundaries of the City, as well as any areas that may be annexed to the City during the term of the contract.

“We are happy that we have entered into an agreement that extends our long-term relationship with another six year contract,” said Snohomish Fire District 7 Chief Gary Meek. “Having this relationship with Mill Creek supports our efforts to regionalize the fire service. Reduction in borders and duplication of government helps make the delivery service more efficient for our citizens.”

Staffing for the Mill Creek Fire Station includes five personnel, one of which will be a paramedic. All personnel are cross-trained fire and EMS: three are assigned to the fire engine, and two are assigned to the EMS unit.

The maintenance and operational upgrades of the Mill Creek Fire Station will continue to be funded and performed by Fire District 7. Any future expansions must be mutually agreed upon.

In partnership with the City’s Public Works and Development Services department, Fire District 7 will conduct fire prevention and inspection programs to mitigate hazards or other concerns and to ensure a safer community for the citizens. Further, Fire District 7 will participate in the permit and development process where fire protection and life safety issues are pertinent.

One of Fire District 7’s goals is to build community trust and resilience through education and engagement. This aligns with the City’s public safety goal to protect the life, health and property of the community. Fire District 7 will continue to provide fire and injury prevention education, including programs in schools, and to public or private groups. They also provide public CPR and First Aid classes. Further, the Mill Creek Police Department and Fire District 7 will work collaboratively on fire investigations for all fires within the City and will coordinate with the police on criminal investigations.

The agreement allows for the City to be an active participant in decisions concerning fire services provided by Fire District 7. To that end, Fire District 7 will provide strategic planning and budget information to the City. The cost to City taxpayers for the six-year contract is $23,776,791.