Senior Center at Vintage

Common Issues/Concerns Raised about the New Senior Center Space at Vintage at Mill Creek.

Space Comparisons
The Mill Creek Senior Center (also known as the Northshore Senior Center) currently utilizes space in City Hall North. The lease provides 2,362-square-feet of space on the building’s second floor for free, a value of $42,500 annually. In addition, the Senior Center is provided access to other facility space for programming needs, depending on availability based on City operational needs. Parking at the facility is on a first-come, first-park basis; there is no designated parking.

The new Senior Center space at Vintage includes more than 2,800-square-feet of modern and diverse space to accommodate the Senior Center’s activities. There will be dedicated parking spaces available for Senior Center and commercial use.

The parking management plan shows the distribution of parking spaces between Vintage residents and commercial/senior center users. It shows 66 spaces reserved for commercial/senior center use marked with blue dots. In late January 2018, the City was informed of rumors that the parking plan had changed. However, the City has not been made aware of any issues about parking at the Vintage at Mill Creek, specifically the allocation identified for commercial/Senior Center users. Further, the development has not yet been issued the final certificate of occupancy, which is the mechanism by which the City will ensure that all the terms of the development agreement have been met. If there is a specific issue, the City encourages residents to reach out directly to the City for information. As with all citizen issues or requests, people can submit information at

Police Satellite Office
In late January 2018, concerns were shared that the development agreement, which included 500 square feet of space that would be designated for the City's police satellite office, had been changed without proper approval. While the space preliminarily identified as being the location of the police satellite office has been reassigned to the Senior Center, it does not mean that the agreement has changed (just the space initially designated for such space). The City is not yet to a point of developing the plan for the Police Satellite Office, but the space requirement for the development still stands.

Improvements Provided to Senior Center at Developer's Cost
When Ryan Patterson, the developer of Vintage at Mill Creek, agreed to terms with the City in 2015, he agreed to provide a rent-free space for the Senior Center at 4111 133rd Place SE in Mill Creek. The Development Agreement signed with the City required Vintage at Mill Creek to provide walls, flooring, utility outlets, paint, door and trim for the space.

The developer has gone well above and beyond the Development Agreement in providing service to the Senior Center. At his own cost, the developer provided a full kitchen, which includes an oven, sinks, dishwasher, microwave, pantry and bar counter. A dining space is adjacent to a large, versatile space that can be separated into two classrooms or opened up into a grand room for bigger events. The space also features a computer room, social worker’s office, manager’s office, two bathrooms, welcoming reception area, and ample closet space.

The buildout has cost the developer upward of $200,000. Further, the market value of the ground-floor space, which otherwise would be used for retail space, has a value of more than $60,000 annually. The developer has voluntarily made the decision to invest in the community, and has noted that the Senior Center can remain in the space as long as they desire.

On November 13, 2017, Mill Creek Senior Center staff, board members, and members visited the new Senior Center space at Vintage. Following the hard-hat tour of the space, which was still under construction, Senior Center staff expressed disappointment in the amount of space and design elements provided to the Senior Center. They also shared concerns about limited access to some of the features at the property.

A Senior Center staff member addressed the City Council on November 14 in the public comment portion of the meeting. She noted the space was small, but they had been looking forward to using other amenity space at Vintage, including a gym, media room, community kitchen and other areas. She noted that those amenities had been moved upstairs and were no longer available to the Senior Center. As a result, the staff member noted, they would have to cancel several dozen classes that they have regularly offered to members. While some of those amenities had indeed moved as allowed by the Development Agreement, Senior Center users toured and still will be able to use other Vintage amenities, including the fitness center, a hair salon, and an outdoor patio/garden area. Further, the designated Senior Center space at Vintage is larger than the existing designated space in City Hall North.

Following the Senior Center’s feedback, the City met with the developer, Northshore Senior Center CEO Brooke Knight, and a Northshore Senior Center board member to understand concerns and build consensus among all parties. As part of that discussion and further demonstrating its commitment to the Senior Center, the City relinquished 500 square feet of space that would have been a new Police precinct. The space will now serve as a bonus room for the Senior Center and includes an additional sink/counter area.

Grand Opening Event
A grand opening event, also funded by Vintage, is scheduled for April 12, 2018, to show off the new space. The community is invited to tour the new Senior Center between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and learn more about its services. The developer is holding a charity event in conjunction with the grand opening to help the Senior Center raise funds for new furniture, equipment and supplies. As a non-profit service, the Senior Center largely has used second-hand furnishings. The developer provided the Senior Center with access to his designers so they can identify and purchase furnishings that complement the look and style of Vintage at Mill Creek. Northshore Senior Center CEO Brooke Knight estimated the furnishings will cost about $10,000, and the equipment and supplies for upgrading some computing and telephone equipment and other needs will be about $15,000.