City’s Safe Internet Purchase Exchange Will Help Keep People Safe

City’s Safe Internet Purchase Exchange Will Help Keep People Safe
Posted on 12/18/2017
Editor's Note on April 9, 2018: The recording equipment was inadequate to meet the needs of the SIPE. As a result, the City is upgrading the entire system.

The City of Mill Creek has installed a Safe Internet Purchase Exchange in the City Hall South parking lot, located at 15728 Main St., to protect residents and promote business. 

A parking stall has the Safe Internet Purchase Exchange sign and there video recording equipment to ensure a safe environment for commerce, and to provide investigative information should a transaction go awry.  

Mill Creek City Council member Donna Michelson first suggested the idea of a Safe Internet Purchase Exchange in 2016 to keep residents safe and protect them from fraud or criminals. Too frequently, the exchange of products or services results in fraudulent or in some cases, criminal exchanges where individuals are victimized by perpetrators. Some of these involve simply deceptive business practices, but some include criminal activity such as the use of counterfeit money up to and including thefts, assaults, and robbery. 

“Having seen the success of these locations in other cities, I knew this was a much-needed addition to the City of Mill Creek,” Michelson said. “A centrally located and monitored exchange site gives residents peace of mind as e-commerce becomes a more standard business approach.”  

Mill Creek Police Chief Greg Elwin said the video recording helps keep criminals away. Having video evidence and an exchange location near the Police department also provides an extra security measure. 

“Anyone who isn’t willing to meet at a location of this type should be avoided,” Elwin said. “If a person refuses to meet at this location, it’s a possibility that they may be trying to sell stolen property or commit a robbery.”