Recycling Light Bulbs is Watts Up

Recycling Light Bulbs is Watts Up
Posted on 11/07/2017
Here’s a bright idea – recycle used fluorescent light bulbs at Mill Creek City Hall.

Recycling fluorescent bulbs helps limit the amount of trash put into landfills and helps preserve precious natural resources. And, it saves energy and reduces pollution. Through the LightRecycle program, the City of Mill Creek is making it easy for residents to drop off their used bulbs and materials.

“LightRecycle is a great program that allows residents to turn in fluorescent bulbs for free at City Hall,” said Public Works Supervisor Nathan Beagle. “The program is paid for by taxes on lightbulbs, so there is no additional cost for the City to provide this service. LightRecycle Washington has collected more than 1 million lights already through this program.”

Washington state law requires that all lights containing mercury be recycled for safety concerns. Broken bulbs can be hazardous to handle, and may release mercury into the atmosphere.

The bulb turn-in isn’t just for individuals – businesses can get in on the action to recycle lights they purchase. Individuals and businesses can recycle up to 10 light bulbs per day.

LED lights are not accepted by LightRecycle. Lights can be turned in if they contain mercury, or are:
•Compact fluorescent light bulbs
•Fluorescent tubes
•High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps

Community members may drop off used lighting that meets the requirements at Mill Creek City Hall (15270 Main St.) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.