Mill Creek Receives $50K Grant for Stormwater Compliance Work

Mill Creek Receives $50K Grant for Stormwater Compliance Work
Posted on 11/15/2017
Water over the roadwayThe City of Mill Creek has received a $50,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology for stormwater work.

The grant, secured by City Supervising Engineer Kamal Mahmoud, is specifically for activities to ensure compliance with municipal stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements. This includes: public education and outreach efforts; public participation activities; mapping of municipal storm sewer systems; program activities to control runoff from development activity; pollution prevention activity; and related equipment purchases.

“I am proud of Kamal for his initiative to seek out creative funding sources for City projects,” said City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto. “This grant exemplifies the continued efforts by City staff to obtain grant funding. As the City continues to near buildout and our revenue stream is not as robust as the City’s early years, it is imperative that we find alternative financial resources to support our work.”

Polizzotto noted that the City is planning to use the grant funds for tasks associated with development and implementation of a long term stormwater capital improvement program.

The NPDES grant does not require matching funds by the City. It funds projects between July 1, 2017, and March 31, 2019.