Mill Creek Featured at International Conference for Innovative Approach to Government

Mill Creek Featured at International Conference for Innovative Approach to Government
Posted on 10/11/2017

The City of Mill Creek will be featured at the International City/County Management Association annual conference as a great example of innovation and progress.

“We are one of only 10 communities with a population under 20,000 that will be featured,” said Mill Creek City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto. “ICMA was particularly interested in the City's innovative approach to government.”

ICMA's annual conference, which takes place Oct. 22-25 in San Antonio, Texas, provides municipal leaders with information on current trends and best practices to help them manage local government in an increasingly complex environment.

“The fact that Mill Creek made the list of locales being highlighted tells me that we are doing something right,” said Polizzotto. “Change isn't always easy. It's easier to be a follower than a leader because people want someone else to make hard decisions, overcome the challenges and show them how it should be done. This demonstrates that the City of Mill Creek is forging the path that will inspire others to follow.”

A video feature on the City will be unveiled at the conference and shared with international audiences over the next year. It discusses the City's challenges in recent years, how it has taken steps to overcome those challenges, and how the Mill Creek is positioning itself for a strong and vibrant future. The video includes interviews with Susan Callahan, who handles community relations for Arena Sports and Entertainment, and Dustin Haffner, Mill Creek Town Center Business Association president and owner/operator of Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar.

“Their comments reiterate the core message that the City has a strong vision for making the community a vibrant, family friendly place that is desirable for new business,” said Polizzotto. “In turn, new growth stimulates the overall local economy and provides revenue that benefits our community.”

Following the conference, the video will be retooled for City marketing purposes, such as attracting new developers or businesses to Mill Creek that align with the City's tourism focus and other strategic initiatives.