Mill Creek's Census Response Rate at 79.6%

Mill Creek's Census Response Rate at 79.6%
Posted on 09/02/2020
As of September 2, 2020, the community self response rate by Mill Creek residents is up to 79.6% for the 2020 Census. This is 7.2% higher than the final response from Mill Creek in the 2010 Census.

Currently, Snohomish County is at 74.7% for self response rate. These high response numbers have put Washington state into third place nation-wide with a 92.6% response rate. This figure is broken down by 71.2% being self-responses, 21.5% counted by Census Takers (Numerators) going door to door.

The collection period for the 2020 Census will end on September 30. Help the census get to 100% response rate by clicking on the links below.

To complete your 2020 Census response, please visit:

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