Mill Creek Resident’s Food Donation

Mill Creek Resident’s Food Donation
Posted on 09/01/2020

Over the past five years, Mill Creek resident Leanne Aleia has donated bags full of food every month into the donation boxes at Mill Creek City Hall.  This food is intended for the Mill Creek Community Food Bank.  Due to COVID-19, Aleia who is in her mid-eighties, has not been able to make her regular monthly donations.

Due to the determination to get food to the people who need it, Aleia called Mill Creek City Hall to ask for assistance with getting her food donations to the Mill Creek Community Food Bank. “The Passport Program Customer Service Team heard about this request and thought we could volunteer to help Mrs. Aleia and the Food Bank,” said Jodie Gunderson, Administrative Supervisor. “There are so many people struggling right now and this donation would help several families in need.”

Aleia experienced hunger as a child, and is determined to help others avoid the same. "I remember the pain of being hungry and know there are kids experiencing the same hunger as I did.  I decided years ago to donate food to my local food bank.” Aleia says. “I look for specials and buy mac ‘n cheese, boxed potatoes, rice and other food that people can use. Then the next thing you know, I have a truck load of food ready to donate.” Aleia wants to help as many people as possible and give back to her community.

Giving back runs in the family. Her granddaughter Taylor Miles, who is 20-years-old, helps Aleia sort and transport food to the donation drop-off at City Hall.

On Wednesday, August 26th, Miles joined the City Staff who volunteered during their lunch hour to pick up the food from Aliea’s home. The volunteers packed the food in a pick-up truck which filled the entire truck bed with food donations. “There is enough food leftover to fill another truck bed and a half!” says Aleia.

The City’s Customer Service Team filled seven grocery carts of food at the Mill Creek Community Food Bank. “This is such a wonderful donation, our shelves are starting to run low.” said a volunteer at the Food Bank. Aliea’s donation gave the Food Bank an additional 925 pounds of food.

“Our Team really enjoyed this opportunity to help others and we look forward to volunteering again.” said Gunderson. 

The Food Bank is currently serving an average of 1,000 families per month. Many families are struggling with the loss of income caused by COVID-19. For more information about donating to the Mill Creek Food Bank, visit

Additionally, the Mill Creek Rotary collects food every other Friday from community member’s homes. To schedule a pick-up time, email

Finally, the Mill Creek Town Center Business Association is planning a free Live Streaming Concert on Wednesday, September 16 in the Gold Creek Church parking lot and on Facebook. The Band, Sly Mr. Y, is performing this benefit concert to support the Mill Creek Community Food Bank. The Business Association is asking spectators to support the local food bank and join together to make a difference in the lives of families in Mill Creek. Please make a canned food or monetary donation to the Food Bank at For more information about the Live Streaming Concert, visit