City Website is back online

City website is back online
Posted on 02/09/2021

As of Feb. 9 at 1:40 a.m. the City’s website has been restored and is back online. 
CivicLive, the City’s website provider, notified the City’s Information Systems & Information Technology (IT) Manager on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 1 p.m. that the website was off-line due to a hardware issue causing the City website to be down. 
Service to the website has been restored however there may be some latency experienced on the website. The City will not incur any costs or fees from this service to repair the website. 
An update provided by CivicLive states the root cause of the problem as “a firmware defect within the solid state drives used in the virtual storage supporting CivicLive. This issue was not related to a security incident.” The City is informed that an estimated 1,400 websites administered by CivicLive (including school districts and many public agencies) have been impacted by their digital infrastructure failure.
CivicLive is in the process of migrating to the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) with this work expected to be substantially completed in 2021. Moving the services to the Cloud should prevent future website hardware failures because it can avoid single points of failure. 
Our IT Manager will continue to work with CivicLive and monitor the service provided by the vendor. 
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