City Council votes in Adam Morgan for Position #6

City Council votes in Adam Morgan for Position #6
Posted on 10/21/2020

The City of Mill Creek City Council appointed Adam Morgan to fill the vacant Council Position #6. The appointment will last through certification of the general election in November 2021.  Adam Morgan took his honorary Oath of Office at the City’s Special Council meeting on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.   

“Mill Creek is a fantastic city with tremendous local pride and citizens who truly care about their community,” said Morgan. “I have witnessed this first hand acting as President of my community Home Owners Association, as a Coach for the Mill Creek Little League, and as a Charity Community Organizer.”  

Morgan is a six-year resident of Mill Creek. Through his various experiences in the community, he has found that when trying to bring people together for a common purpose, it is important to provide a platform where they can be heard and to listen to all of the voices of our community. “If we tackle problems solely with our own agenda in mind it is bound to fail, only by collaboration can we find a solution that will work for all members of our community.” These philosophies will aid him as he works with Council to provide his vision and his plans to represent the wishes of the community. 

Morgan will hold the Council seat until results of the next election are certified in November 2021. Seven individuals submitted applications for appointment to the Council seat vacated by Mike Todd, who resigned in September 2020 to accept the position of Director of Public Works and Development Services.

The following are the voting tabulations:

Ballot 1 Round 1

Adam Morgan – 3 votes by Mayor Holtzclaw, Councilmember Bond and Councilmember Cavaleri

Melissa Duque – 2 votes by Mayor Pro Tem Vignal and Councilmember Briles

Ryan Nichols – 1 vote by Councilmember Steckler

Ballot 1 Round 2

Adam Morgan – 4 votes by Mayor Holtzclaw, Mayor Pro Tem Vignal, Councilmember Bond and Councilmember Cavaleri

Melissa Duque– 2 votes by Councilmember Steckler and Councilmember Briles