Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety

Mill Creek City Council Statement re Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety
Posted on 10/12/2020

The City of Mill Creek has made its preliminary hiring decision for its next Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.  The chosen candidate is in the process of completing pre-employment background screening and similar testing required for the position.

The City chose from a pool of three finalists, one of which was our very own Interim Chief Scott Eastman.  As many of you know, Chief Eastman stepped into the role of Acting Chief when former Police Chief Greg Elwin was placed on administrative leave in late January 2020.  Since that time, Chief Eastman has admirably led the City’s police department.

However, Chief Eastman was not the final candidate to be selected for the position.  During the most recent budget amendment, Chief Eastman’s former position of Deputy Chief was removed from the City’s biennial budget.  For this reason, the City’s selection of a different candidate for the permanent position of Police Chief effectively results in Chief Eastman’s layoff.

The City and Chief Eastman entered into a mutually agreed upon separation agreement under which Chief Eastman is receiving a severance payment to help him in the transition to new employment.  The City is grateful to Chief Eastman for his service, particularly during the challenging times created by the COVID-19 pandemic.