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Tree Removal Permit
Mature trees contribute to the quality of life in Mill Creek by lending an aesthetically pleasing image to the City’s landscape, helping reduce greenhouse gases and providing wildlife habitat. In addition, trees help prevent erosion on steep slopes and stream banks. As such, the City of Mill Creek Comprehensive Plan promotes the preservation of mature trees and the Development Code has restrictions on removing trees. Additionally, many developments within the City have tree preservation plans identifying specific trees that must be preserved and/or property buffers where trees are to be retained.

Even though trees add to the quality of life, sometimes a particular tree will become diseased or hazardous and the property owner may determine that the tree should be removed. In such cases, all trees that are six inches or larger in diameter measured at the height of four and one-half feet require a tree removal permit prior to removal.

In considering a tree removal request, the City may require the property owner to provide an arborist report to determine the health of the tree. In addition, all trees in critical area buffers, roadway buffers, or property buffers require a permit regardless of size.

City of Mill Creek Policy regarding Tree Root Repair Issues