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911 Addressing
In the City of Mill Creek, and at various locations throughout Snohomish County, there are a number of discrepancies in physical addresses that require attention. Specifically within Mill Creek, there are two duplicate street names with overlapping number ranges in different neighborhoods.

The only street in the Fairway Fountains neighborhood is 22nd Court SE, where addresses range from 15600 to 15699. Across Village Green Drive SE from Fairway Fountains is the Springtree neighborhood. Within Springtree, there is also a 22nd Court SE, where addresses range from 15600 to 15799. In this instance, there are duplicate named streets with overlapping address ranges.

The 22nd Court SE information presented by County officials creates a public safety concern. Emergency response can be delayed or responders could even arrive at the wrong address altogether. It also creates a problem with mapping software, impacting the U.S. Postal Service and commercial freight and parcel delivery companies.

The Snohomish County 911 office is undertaking a project to ensure that addresses are administered accurately throughout the county and is charged with addressing these issues. In addition to the 22nd Court SE issue in Mill Creek, the County has identified dozens of additional discrepancies within the City, but has determined that these issues can be managed through local knowledge. An example of these lesser-impactful issues is the fact that the Country Club Village condos are addressed on the wrong side of the street. A number of these issues exist in other areas of the City as well. Snohomish County does not feel there is a benefit to correcting this addressing error.

Address Correction for 22nd Court SE
An image of the impacted area
The impacted neighborhood is the Fairway Fountains area of 22nd Court SE.
The county has suggested possible solutions to this issue:

1) Change the Fairway Fountains street name from 22nd Court SE to 22nd Drive SE or change it to a proper (noun) name.


2) Change the address range from 15600 – 15699 to 15500 – 15599. (Changing the address range will require each property to re-sign their homes and staff does not recommend this course.)

Following the presentation to Council about this issue on April 25, City staff will reach out to the Fairway Fountains neighborhood residents and seek their input on a street name change – whether it should be 22nd Drive SE or a proper name.

Next steps and timing will be communicated as the City knows more.

Background Information
Snohomish County has an address grid system based on quadrants: northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. Each quadrant is divided into blocks bounded by streets and avenues. Each block is 330 feet or 1/16 mile. Streets run east and west and avenues run north and south. Roads falling on east/west grid lines are ‘streets (e.g., 132nd Street SE). Roads falling between east/west grid lines are ‘Places’ (e.g., 138th Place SE). Roads falling on north/south grid lines are ‘Avenues’ (e.g., 35th Avenue SE). Roads falling between north/south grid lines are ‘Places’ (13th Place SE). Any road that winds, angles or in some manner crosses over or does not follow grid lines will have a proper name designation (e.g., Village Green Drive).

House and building address numbers are also governed by a recognized system. House numbers consist of two parts: a block identifier and a house identifier. The last two digits of every address number are the house identifier. The remaining digits identify the block the house is in. A house number will be designated for every twenty feet on each side of every block. Even numbers will be on the west and south sides and odd numbers will be on the north and east sides.