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35th Avenue
35th Avenue SE Reconstruction

Update September 2015

An MDNS was issued for the 35th Avenue SE reconstruction on September 23, 2015:

Update July 2015

$4.0 million was included in the State Transportation funding package for the City of Mill Creek for the reconstruction of 35th Avenue SE between 144th Street SE and 141st Street SE.  Design work on the project is nearly complete, and environmental permitting should be completed within six to nine months. 

As background, 35th Avenue SE is a three lane minor arterial that carries approximately 15,000 vehicles per day. The road was widened by Snohomish County in 2003 by using lightweight fill on top of a large peat deposit, and has been continually settling since annexation by the City in 2005. The City monitors over 100 points along the roadway on a six month basis. The rate of settlement has slowed, but portions of the road have settled over two inches in the past three years and two feet over the past 10 years.

One of the biggest areas of settlement is over the Penny Creek crossing between 144th Street SE and 141st Street SE, which also has the deepest deposit of peat material as a base. The water level in the surrounding wetlands has also increased due to several factors such as upstream development and downstream beaver activity. The rising water combined with a sinking roadway has resulted in several road closures over the past few years due to flooding, and the winter of 2012 – 2013 was especially bad 

The scope of the reconstruction project will be to drive approximately 500 pin-piles through the peat to good bearing soil, construct a concrete slab on top of the pilings, then reconstruct and elevate the roadway on top of lightweight concrete fill.  The total cost is estimated at approximately $5.5 million, so additional funding will still be necessary.

The State funding for the City reconstruction project will not be available until 2017, but the timing must also be coordinated with the planned Snohomish County project to widen Seattle Hill Road between 35th Avenue SE and 132nd Street SE.  Each project is the detour route for the other, so both should not be under construction at the same time.  The construction of the County project will occur first, likely starting in late 2016 or early 2017, and should take most of the year to complete. 

The 35th Avenue project could be advertised for bids in early 2018 with construction starting that spring, and will take approximately eight months to complete.