Meet Your Mill Creek Police

The Mill Creek Police Department consists of 26 commissioned staff members with a diverse set of strengths and skills. These traits are identified and utilized in order to build a multifaceted, well-balanced, and unstoppable force for the citizens and visitors of the City of Mill Creek.

Many opportunities have been provided, some by request and others by necessity, to our officers in order to keep their skills fresh and ahead of the constantly evolving trends and technology.

Many specialties have limited term limits for the purpose of keeping their assigned professionals diverse and challenged, as well as the most appropriate individual in the right place at the right time.

View the Police Department staff directory.

Department Personnel
 Chief Greg ElwinChief Greg Elwin
Police Chief Greg Elwin handles the administrative operations of the City's Police Department and is responsible for the City's emergency management functions. Under his leadership, the Police Department investigates and deters crime, provides safe roadways and commuter travel, engages the community through outreach, and provides public education on safety. He also liaises with other first responder units, including the fire department and allied law enforcement agencies throughout the region. Elwin's career has centered on public safety. He served for 21 years with the Thurston County Sheriff's Office, most recently as patrol captain. He began his law enforcement career with five years as a city police officer after kicking off his public safety career with the Lacey Fire Department. When he's able to get away, he enjoys working on a house remodel and enjoying the great outdoors – often from his motorcycle. Elwin joined the team in February 2016 as the City's fourth police chief.
Sergeants & Corporals
Under the direction of the police commander, the Mill Creek Police Department has four patrol sergeants and two corporals who are responsible for supervising field operations and providing day-to-day guidance and mentoring of up to five directly assigned patrol officers.

The patrol sergeant is considered a vital part of the department's management team. They are asked to provide input and support to the department's command staff as well supervise, evaluate, and discipline assigned personnel.

A fifth sergeant is assigned to the Investigations Division as the detective sergeant. This sergeant is responsible for the supervision of two detectives, as well as reviewing and assigning cases for additional investigation, and tracking registered sex offenders within the city limits. The detective sergeant is also responsible for their own case load.

Many sergeants and corporals serve in additional capacities and assist in administrative functions such as scheduling, training, fleet maintenance supervision, SNOCOM TAC, and many more.
Officer Chris WhiteUnder the direction of the police commander, the Patrol Division is the largest team within the Police Department. There are four patrol squads consisting of a shift sergeant and several officers who are responsible for providing law enforcement services to the community.

The men and women who serve in Patrol are highly trained professionals who work to keep the city safe by providing law enforcement services to the City of Mill Creek 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

The normal 12-hour work shift for a patrol officer consists of responding to both urgent and routine calls for service reported from Mill Creek businesses, residents, and visitors.

When not assigned to calls for service, patrol officers make vehicle stops, check suspicious persons, and proactively patrol the city. Many patrol officers have specialized training and serve in additional capacities such as fleet maintenance, collision investigation, and crisis negotiation.

Officers are also trained as instructors with the duty of keeping all officers' skills up to date with firearms, radar / LIDAR, defensive tactics, and emergency vehicle operation education and trainings.
Under the direction of a detective sergeant, the Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up, long-term investigations, maintaining criminal intelligence, and undercover narcotics enforcement.

The Investigations Division and the Patrol Division work closely in achieving investigative and enforcement objectives.

This division consists of two detectives whose primary duties and responsibilities include the follow-up investigation of all felony crimes and certain misdemeanor crimes. This may consist of:
  • Arrest of suspects
  • Developing additional leads in an investigation
  • Gathering and processing evidence
  • Preparation and service of search warrants
  • Preparation of cases for presentation in court
  • Preparation of suspect composites
  • Recovery of stolen property
  • Surveillance
Specialty Services
Collision Investigation Unit
The Mill Creek Police Department Collision Investigation Unit is comprises investigators with a minimum of 400 hours of specialized training in vehicle collision dynamics. The unit investigates collisions from minor fender benders to criminal collisions, to include vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. Mill Creek officers trained in this specialty have networked with local agencies extensively for the purpose of training and sharing resources for these highly detailed collision investigations. Officer C. White is currently assigned to this unit and is experienced in providing the fullest assistance to all parties involved in motor vehicle collisions.

Honor Guard Unit
The Mill Creek Police Department has been fortunate to select and contribute Corporal Bittinger to represent the department in the South Snohomish County Honor Guard. The Honor Guard participates in ceremonies for fallen officers and veterans. In addition, the Honor Guard also participates in other events such as parades, memorials, and special events. Learn more about "our" Honor Guard.

K-9 Unit
Officer Durkee and Canine Rasko
The Mill Creek Police Department K-9 Unit was established in 2012. This unit is currently includes one generalist / tracking team of Officer I. Durkee and purebred German shepherd, Canine Rasko. Officer Durkee and Canine Rasko are required to complete a 400 hour training course as well as certify yearly per the standards of the Washington State Police Canine Association. This exhaustive level of constant training is required in order to develop a proficient, productive, and effective canine team. The Mill Creek Canine Unit addresses the priorities of our police department with its unique approach to addressing criminal activity. Officer Durkee and Canine Rasko have brought countless benefits to the Mill Creek community thereby enhancing the overall quality of life of the citizens and visitors of this community.

Police Support Officer
The Mill Creek Police Department Police Support Officer (PSO) consists of a limited-commission police officer who acts as support to the Patrol and Investigative Units of the department. This position is currently filled by Officer Pigott who has successfully completed the Corrections Academy as well as extensive training in Animal Control. The PSO provides a wide variety of support services to patrol officers, citizens, and visitors of Mill Creek. These services include: animal control, block watch programs, code enforcement, crime prevention, human assistance, lost and found property, parking enforcement, prisoner transport, and support to patrol officers.

School Resource Officer
Under the direction of the detective sergeant, the school resource officer (SRO) is responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and positive learning environment in our local schools. In every effort to uphold this standard, the SRO must work closely with parents, teachers, administrators, students, and members of the community. With a foundation based on the three core responsibilities of educator, informal counselor, and law enforcement officer, the SRO takes on several primary duties in his role. These duties may consist of teaching law related topics in a classroom setting, counseling students, and responding to calls for service both on and off school grounds (threats, assaults, drug investigations, theft, etc.). The SRO must successfully balance all roles a day-to-day basis while remaining impartial, compassionate, and professional. This position is highly respected by both the City of Mill Creek and the Everett School District.

The Mill Creek Police Department is a participating member agency of The North Sound Metro Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. The goal of the SWAT team is to respond to incidents of a high risk nature which involve the need for specialized training and equipment, and to work as a coordinated unit in an attempt to resolve such situations without injury or loss of life. Mill Creek Police Sergeant Phillips is an Assistant Team Leader on SWAT and has undergone extensive training and met the intensive physical fitness and lifestyle requirements. All officers assigned to this elite group are required to maintain this level of overall excellence and preparedness throughout their continued involvement with SWAT.

Traffic Safety Unit
The Mill Creek Police Department Traffic Unit combines education and enforcement to provide safe streets to our residents, visitors and commuters.