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Public Works & Development Services
This is a holistic department within the City of Mill Creek that combines planning, economic development and public works. Staff are responsible for services in engineering, planning, economic development, plan review/building inspection, street/roads and storm drainage maintenance, traffic control, capital projects, traffic control and more.

The Building division has the responsibility of administering the building related codes. The primary duties of the department include the issuance of building, mechanical, and plumbing permits for all new and existing construction as well as project plan review and field inspection for all phases of construction.

Code Enforcement
The City has land use codes that promote safety and livability, and help residents maintain property values. These codes are especially important in areas without active homeowner associations because they help create and maintain our community’s identity. 

Economic Development
The City of Mill Creek provides services and resources to businesses and development partners with the purpose of retaining, attracting and expanding business and employment opportunities throughout our community. The City is dedicated to providing the business climate, services and public infrastructure essential to growing established and emerging companies within Mill Creek.

The department is responsible for the review, design, and construction of the city’s roadway, traffic, and stormwater infrastructure system. This includes work associated with both private land development and city construction projects in the approved Capital Improvement Plan. 

Planning and Development
The Planning division consists of both long-range and operational planning. Long-range planning includes the preparation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and development regulations as well as planning efforts with surrounding jurisdictions. Operational planning deals with the administration of public and private land use proposals.

Public Works
The Public Works division is responsible for providing safe, effective transportation and building within the City of Mill Creek through quality planning, design, construction and maintenance. This includes overseeing and implementing the Capital Improvement Plan. 

Surface Water Utility
The City of Mill Creek Surface Water Utility (SWU) manages stormwater runoff. Mill Creek operates and maintains all the drainage facilities located within the public roadways and on city owned property. This consists of 38 different detention and water quality facilities, including ponds, vaults, and detention pipes, over 2,900 catch basins, and 50 miles of pipe. 

The wetlands by 35th Avenue SE

Gina Hortillosa

Gina Hortillosa, PE, PMP
Director of Public Works and Development Services 


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